Build an inclusive, inspiring, innovative culture to nurture creative practitioners & future talents. Build bridges from dreams to reality through design thinking, turning imaginations into creative strategies & realistic deliverables.

Utilising creative technology to augment realities, communicate brands & elevate businesses. Providing innovative solutions for effective media communications through design thinking, digital strategies, digital contents & immersive experiences; Augmented Reality (AR), Augmented Virtuality (AV), Virtual Reality (VR).


Our Founder

Christel Cherryadi, BAppSc, BA
Founder, Digital-XR Designer & Creative Director
Christel is an award-winning digital-XR designer with 10+ years of creative industry experience. Through strategic design solutions, she nurtured start-ups' growth, supported multi-national companies in building their digital presence & helped non-profit organisations upscale in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand & Spain.

Christel loves ideas and is passionate about how creative technology can be used to impact people’s lives positively. She often asks herself “What if …?” questions that lead to innovations.
Christel Cherryadi
"Art is a way of communicating ideas and emotions. Design is a way of problem-solving where constraints fuel creativity. When creativity collides with technology, magical things happen."

Our Team

Jazmin Tunks
3D Artist & Animator

Jaz is an Australian 3D artist, highly skilled in 3D modelling, sculpting, animation & special effects. Her creativity boosts end-users engagements with digital contents.

Frances Lau, BMus
Music Producer & Sound Designer

Frances is an AIM (Australian Institute of Music) graduate who specialises in music composition & production. Her music & sound design brings magic to brand-storytelling.

Oveena Widyaratne
UoA Campus Ambassador

Oveena is a Bachelor of Business and Innovation student at University of Adelaide who aspires to become a frontrunner in the commercial world. She is personable, passionate and optimistic about making a possitive impact.

Yui Okamoto
Marketing & Communications

Yui is a Bachelor of Arts student at Waseda University. She is passionate about international development and sustainability, Yui is committed to making a positive impact on global society.

Erick Hartawan, MSc
Software Engineer

Erick is passionate about utilising applied AI to streeamline software development pipeline and automation features. With technical expertise and problem-solving skills, he builds software infrastructures to bring ideas to live.

Michael Simatupang, BSc
Software Engineer

Michael is experienced in working with smart technologies to develop innovative solutions for digital identity and security. He specialises in backend development, embedded system, AI, IoT, and robotics.

Vacancy, Apply by 15 Feb 24
Digital Motion Graphic & UI Designer

To join our team, please enquire on LinkedIn.

Our Values

Right People
Our team operates from a place of strength, we take roles based on what we love doing & what we do best.
Right Mindset
We value people, ideas & innovations, embrace progress & often challenge the status quo. Problem-solving is our creative DNA.
Right Attitude
We believe hope, resilience & perseverance are the keys to achieving our goals. We value relationships, adaptability & excellence.
Right Management
We build systems to support people. With agile mindset, workflow refining increases productivity.
Right Purpose
As a company we value why we do what we do. At our best, we aim to contribute to society and make positive impacts.
Right Strategy
We refine & tailor our deliveries through resource-optimising strategies, ensuring high-quality, user-friendly end products.
Let's Innovate & Grow!
It's our privilege to support you & the business of your dreams. Let's create a new digital marketing recipe with immersive communication strategy.
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